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Chief Bankruptcy Judge : Hon. Keith M. Lundin

PACER Maintenance

July 28, 2014

**ALERT**  PACER maintenance from 06:00 A.M. CST Thursday, August 7th to 5 P.M. CST Monday, August 11th .
IMPACT: During the maintenance, certain functions will be down intermittently. For example, all of PACER will be down from 8:00 A.M. to Noon Central Time on Sunday, August 10, 2014.
TIP: For a list of other function downtimes, see the PACER Downtime Notice (August 7-10) page (http://www.pacer.gov/announcements/general/downtime.html).
NOTE: An existing attorney will have the ability to e-file during these downtimes. After the maintenance, the www.pacer.gov (http://www.pacer.gov) website may change.

New Life International 313-bk-10974 Claim Agent Details

May 2, 2014

Click here for claims information.

ECF 5.1 Training Modules

April 29, 2013

Click here to access ECF 5.1 Training Modules

New Claims Transfer Fee

April 2, 2013

Amendment to Local Rules

March 20, 2013

Amendment to Local Rules
(Proposed LBR 9037-1)

Effective immediately upon adoption by the District Court


April 1 Dollar Amount Adjustments

March 14, 2013

Fee Increase - Effective November 21, 2012

November 7, 2012

Rules and Forms Changes

November 7, 2012

Electronic Evidence Procedures

July 30, 2012

Electronic Evidence Order

July 30, 2012

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